About our Taproom

Tapout Brewery, as a new start-up, aims to have a taproom that will be initially modest in a setting of multiple taps, bottles, cans and growler/crowler sales.  Our goal is to bring high quality small scale brewing, with some classic styles and some very unique styles of beer to Collier County Florida.  From our Juicy New England IPA, to our Cucumber Jalapeños French Saison, to our old school West Cost IPAs, to our Barrel aged Imperial Brown Ale aged in Maple Barrels. We will explore a range of Sours as well.  We are looking forward to serving you soon, both in an indoor and outdoor setting, Sláinte!

Gary Fortin, the owner and head Brewer of Tapout Brewery Company LLC, started brewing beer early in 2007, but was soon deployed to IRAQ on his first tour. He spent many hours in the gunners turret alongside his .50 cal, reading brewing literature whilst waiting for higher ups to finish their “meet & greets” with government and military officials.  This gave Gary ample time to read many different books and articles on brewing beer. reading up on the equipment, the process, the styles and many other brewing intricacies.  Once he returned home he began his brewing adventure, and grew the craft, learning new techniques, attending seminars, reading more literature, until he decided to retire from the military and attempt his dream of operating a brewery.  This is where we find ourselves today at Tapout brewing. We hope you enjoy our beers as much as we enjoy making them.

Here at Tapout Brewing, we use local sourced water that has been stripped down to its purest level, then built back with brewing “salts” and minerals to bring each style to its intended water profile. Beer is mostly water so we figure that is the best place to start. Our Fast serving beers are served in our bright tanks, whereas our more unique styles are served from kegs.  We hope you enjoy our attention to detail and our pride in the beers we serve, Cheers!

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